The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1950's


The 1950's marked another successful decade for Pan Xenia. Early in February 1950, the Fraternity had its 27th anniversary celebration under the leadership of Onofre D. Corpuz, who alter became Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, as gonovernor, at the Fiest Pavillion of Manila Hotel. A pageant parodying the initiation ceremonies characterized the celebration to honor the Fraternity's "Muse of the Reunion Night." It was in this occasion that the Philippine Alpha Chapter was lauded by Dr. Macy skinner, then International President of Pan Xenia. In a letter send to Bro. Dominador Torres, a former Governor, Dr. Skinner cited the Philippine Alpha chapter, as "deserving of all credit for being a remakble active and successful organizstion," adding that "it is unanimous opinon here (U.S.) that the Philippine Alpha Chapter had distinguished itself both by high quality of membership as well as by its initiative and its admirable activities which augur well for the future." It was also in this particular celebration that the Fraternity was well publicized in the different newspapers of the county.

Early in April 1950s, the officers of the Fraternity were unanimously elected by the Bro. Renato Sabater as Governor and Cesar E.A. Virata, later a Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, as Vice-Governor. Bro. Andres V. Castillo was reacclaimed as Chapter advise. The Board of Mentors was reconstituted. In June, another banquet was tendered for Bro. Rumulo for having been elected as President of the Southeast Asia Conference. In this occasion, he was given the plaque and title of "Pan Xenians of 1949" for his achievement in the UN General Assembly and in the SEAU. He brought more glory to the fold when he was appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The acceptance and induction of President Elpidio Quirino as the seventh honorary member of the Chapter on October 20, 1950 established another precedent in the history of Pan Xenia. In 1951. Dr. Amado A. Castro brought more honors to the Philippine Chapter when he was elected International Vice-President of Pan Xenia.

The following years saw the Fraternity's active in the promotion of its objectives and ideals. It held various symposia, open for a, and conferences discussing economic problems and development of the country, which caught the attention of the press. In 1955, another precedent was established in the history of Pan Xenia when the Fraternity gave recognition to companies and individual who made valuable contribution to the development of the Philippine economy, particularly in the field of foreign trade. Elizalde and Company, Inc., headed by Manuel Elizalde and Sen. Jose P. Laurel, Sr., Chairman of the Philippine Mission to the U,S. for the Belll Trade Act, were named outstanding contributors to the Philippine Foreign Trade for 1954 by the Pan Xenia.

This decade in the history of Pan Xenia was fittingly closed by the celebration of its 36th Anniversary under the leadership of Bro. Leopoldo Clemente, Jr. of Clemente Capital fame, as the governor, on February 6, 1959. A symposium was held with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Chrge d' Affairs of Israel, and Bro. Gil. J. Puyat as speakers. The annual reunion and ball was held the next day, with the radio coverage, radio time courtesy of Bro. Emerson Coseteng, at the Camp Murphy Central Club.