The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1970's


The advent of the 70's ushered in the restlessness of the youth and the rise of the student power, characterized by the movement for reforms. The Fraternity, however, did not shirk from its commitment to propagate business ethics and goodwill. The late Senators Benigno Aquino, Jr. and Gerardo Roxas, then Congressman John H. Osmena were invited to speak in various convocations on business and economics. Exhibits of Philippine-made products were also sponsored by the Fraternity at that time, when Bro. Rolando C. Ramirez was governor.

During the term of Bro. Willy Toh Lambengco, the Fraternity further renewed its commitment to its objectives and ideals. To generate interests in business and economics, a series of convocations on small scale industries and export trade was held. Senator Jovito R. Salonga was invited to speak on "Philippine Trade Relation with Red China." And to close the activities for the year, Bros. Santiago F. de la Cruz, Manuel J. Marquez, and Pio P. Pedrosa were elevated to honorary membership during the induction rites on March 4, 1972.