The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1980's


The decade of the 80's was ushered in by the Fraternity with the elevation of Bro. Pete Teodoro and the election of Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee on the Honorary level of membership. The Elevation Rites was held t the Manila Hotel in 1980 in the presence of prominent brods both in the government and private sectors.

Nineteen eight-one was another year of high achievements for the Pan Xenians. Early that year, Bro. Jaime Laya assumed the Central Bank governorship, a post previously held by a Pan Xenian, Bro. Gregorio Licaros, Sr. Bro. Manuel S. Alba assumed the post of Minister of Budget. A dinner affair was held in honor of Bros. Laya and Alba at the Fort San Antonio Abad, CB complex with Bro. Carlos P. Romulo as guest speaker. A few months after Bro, Ceasar E.A. Virata became the first Prime Minister and Chairman of the Executive Committee under the new Parliamentary-type of government. He was honored by the Fraternity with a Testimonial Dinner held at the PICC courtesy of Bro. Juan Quintos. It was also in this year that the PAN XENIA FOUNDATION, INC. was organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Hopefully, with the setting-up of this Foundation, the Fraternity can institutionalized its highest ideals of business ethics and promote its Four Cardinal Virtues on a continuing basis.

The same year, Bro Gil J. Puyat, a brother who had nurtured the Fraternity from its early years in the university, passed away. Aside from being an acknowledge statesman, he was also revered fraternity brother. The Fraternity held a memorial service t the PICC. Bro. Santiago de la Cruz, Bro. Gerardo P. Sicat and Bro. Jaime Carino, who spoke in behalf of Bro. Carlos P. Romulo, recalled the attributes and contributions that the late senator embodied.

The year 1982 was one of preparations for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Fraternity. The Diamond Jubilee Coordinating Committee was formed with Bro. J. Antonio Aguenza as Chairman. Various sports activities, symposia and exhibits were sponsored by the Fraternity during the year under Governor Rex Ma. Mendoza.
1983 is the Diamond Jubilee year of the Fraternity as it marked its 60th year of existence. Under Governor Raymond Azcarate hectic preparations were undertaken to ensure the successful celebration of another milestone in the history of the Fraternity. A round of meetings were held with Bros. Tony Aguenza, Jimmy Carino, Ernie Salas and Ed Alvarez to finalize plans for the Grand Reunion night held on September 23, 1983 at the Ballroom of the Manila Mandarin Hotel, Makati.

The succeeding years highlighted the growing discontent among our countrymen as the country was mired in worsening economic and political crisis. The events during this period affected the Fraternity; some of the major activities then centered around social, economic, and political consciousness. The year 1986 ushered a new era marked by activism which swept across all classes. We saw the changing guards of Malacanang with Ferdinand Marcos finally reluctantly giving way to a new regime under Corazon Aquino, the first woman president of the Republic. It was again a time for the Pan Xenians to come back to public service. Bro. Melito S. Salazar was appointed the concurrent Undersecretary of the Department of Trade and Industries and Managing Head of the Board of Investments. The Fraternity flourished during that time under the leader of Gov. Nick Emmanuel C. Villaluz. Various symposia were conducted and the resident members busied themselves with the preparation for the annual anniversary. During the term of Gov. Ernesto L. Salas, Jr., new projects were initiated and conducted. One of them was Pan xenia Open, an inter-organization basketball tournament participated by the big orgs of UP. This event will continue to go on every year.