The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1990's


The year of 1991 marked the demise of the Pan Xenia Ladies' Corps and the birth of the Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority. It was established during the term of Gov. John Marfori. In 1992, during the tenure of Gov. Glenn Alexander C. Pacia the membership base expanded in preparation of the 70th anniversary. The WHACK! a university-wide table tennis tournament was launched and the Pan Xenia Open was resurrected. The Sasgid-Dunong project, a tutorial program for public school children, was initiated. During the term of the Gov. Norlan M. Reyes, the Fraternity celebrated its 70th anniversary at Mandarin Oriental Manila. It was during this event that Bros. Manuel B. Villar, Melito S. Salazar, Ismael Mathay, Jr. and Che W. Lin were elevated to Most Distinguished Pan Xenians.

The following year, Gov. Jesus Angelo O. Gomez took the reins and guided the Fraternity to a sterling follow-up of the 70th year. The Fraternity took the lead in discussing the consequences of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in a symposium held at the CBA Library. The Fraternity also sponsored its first film preview of the critically acclaimed "Pulp Fiction." That year saw all seven members of the Fraternity graduating with honors from the university. Bro. Jose Raymund G. Quilop was the university salutatorian and the first summa cum laude graduate of the Political Science program.

The Fraternity community in UP fell on difficult times in the next academic year because of the unfortunate fraternity-related incidences that captured national attention. The Anti-Hazing Law was passed in late 1995 to curb similar events in the future. Despite this, the Fraternity under the able leadership of Gov. Robert David B. Almero was still able to maintain its rolls and activities. The Pan Xenia Open was re-launched and was participated in by eight large organizations in the university. The Task of leading the Fraternity was passed on to Gov. Rudyard S. Arbolado. During that year, Dr. Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State, accepted the efforts of Bro. Benedictor Mendoza. Dr. Kissinger spoke before an audience composred of business and political luminaries at the Manila Hotel. He was also conferred an honorary degree by the university. In the same year, the residents welcomed the election of Gov. Arnel F. De Jesus, a partner at SGV and Co., as the chairman of the Pan Xenia Foundation.

Social awareness and continuity was the main theme of the term of Gov. Louie L. Borja. The Fraternity's book drive for the Balara Elementary School yielded over 400 tiles, the regular visit at a children's home in San Juan rekindled the residents' ties with our younger brother there. The Fraternity successfully staged the "Stock Wars, "a simulation of the Philippine stock market. The contest was participated in by over 600 students in the university and earned rave review from several quarters.

This 1998, the Fraternity again earned honors with the election of Bro. Manuel B. Villar as the Speaker of the House. This is a fitting gift to the Fraternity as we celebrate our Diamond Anniversary. The preparation are already being done with Pan Xenia Foundation Chairman Arnel F. De Jesus and Gov. Ron S. Morgio in the lead. The Grand Ball will be held on September 23, 1998 at the historic Kalayaan Room of the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan: Bros. Antonio J. Aguenza, Fidel M. Alfonso, Raul P. De Guzman and Francisco A. Nemenzo, Jr. will be elevated to Most Distinguished Pan Xenians. In our 75th year, we cannot help but be proud that we have reached a milestone in our glorious history. Our bond, founded upon the loftiest ideals of honesty and business ethics, continues to hold several generations of men who have excelled and are excelling in their respective fields of expertise. Through our adherence to these ideals and a dint of hard work, we will be assured of our own place in history when the time comes. Let our tradition of success challenge the new generation of Pan Xenians to carve a name for themselves in their chosen professionals. In the meantime, let us renew our ties and toast to the Fraternity's 7th year.