The Golden Jubilee Celebrations

In preparation for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the Fraternity under the governorship of Gov. Bro. Victor F. B. Ventura, held a series of luncheon meetings to discuss the economic problems and development needs of the country. Speakers to these luncheon meetings were Bros. Cesar Virata, Gerado Sicat and Gil Puyat. Various sports activities and fellowships/socials were held to bring the brods closer.

The Golden Jubilee celebration was fittingly closed with the National Convention at the Manila Hilton Hotel on November 18, 1973. Under the meticulous leadership of Gov. Eduardo r. Alvarez, the long preparation for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations bore unit. With Bro. Cesar Virata, then Secretary of Finance, as the Keynote Speaker of the Convention, the theme "Continuing Commitment to National Development Through Foreign Trade," was tackled with a panel of speakers and discussants, the members of which were Pan Xenians who are in the government and private sectors. Cabinet members, professors, presidents and heads of several banks and business conglomerates attended the euphoria-filled business affair.

It was also during this Convention that several Pan Xenians were elevated to Honorary Membership. They were Bros. Antonio de las Alas, Cornelio Balmaceda, Andres V. Castillo, Sr., Gregorio S. Licaros Sr., and Leonides S. Virata. Outstanding Pan Xenians for 1973 were also rewarded to Bros. Onofre D. Corpuz, for Education and Manpower Development, Rafael M. Salas, for Population Planning, Gerardo P. Sicat, for Economics and Cesar E.A. Virata, for Public Finance.

The guest appearance as well as the guestbook itself was a veritable rundown of who's who in Philippines business. Indeed, Pan Xenians have mastered the business craft without having to compromise business ethics and goodwill. The Fraternity's 50 years of existence was a history of success.

It took a long while for the euphoria of the Golden Jubilee to subside. The years that follow saw the Fraternity's active involvement in sports, academic tournament, symposia, exhibits, and seminars tackling the economic and business issues of the day.

In the late part of 1976, the Fraternity sponsored KAWITAAN MULI, an all-Philippine choral tribute to a departed loyal brother, Bro. Leonides Virata, a rabid Pan Xenian whose loyalty to the cause of the Fraternity was reputedly to the extent of admirable fanaticism.
On April 3, 1977, an Alumni Homecoming and Grand Reunion was held at the Lotus Garden of the Manila Midtown Ramada under the cooperative effort of outgoing Governor Evan G. Siemens and incoming Governor for the school year 1977-78, Larry San Diego. In this affair, the 14 living Honorary members were honored and conferred with the Awards of Distinction. Bros. Miguel Cuaderno Sr., and Leonides S. Virata , were awarded posthumously. Several alumni members were elevated to Associate level, while service awards and certificate of merit were awarded to deserving members.

On April 29, 1978, the Fraternity celebrated its 55th Annual Grand Reunion at the Manila Hotel. Elevated to the Honorary level were Bros. Jose A. Carpio, Sr., Onofre D. Corpuz, and Manuel M. Lim, Sr. Bro. Carlos P. Romulo was conferred the Award of Distinction while Bros. Jaime C. Laya and Antonio R. Gatmaitan were chosen as Outstanding Pan Xenians for 1978. Several Pan Xenians were also elevated to Associate level and given Service and Merit Awards for outstanding services and contribution to the cause of the Fraternity.

It was at the close of this decade that the Pan Xenia Rare Book Collevtion was given a rousing start when Bros. Delfin Buencamino and Anselmo Trinidad Sr. pledged their book for collection. Former Senator Helena Benitez, likeweise, promised the rare books collection of her father, Bro. Conrado Benitez.