The Silver Jubilee Celebration

In 1948, after a quarter century of the existence, a two-day "Silver Jubilee" celebration was held at the Manila Hotel from December 11-12. The Governor then was Amado A. Castro, who later became Dean of the UP School of Economics.

During the first day, a conference-forum was conducted at the Champagne Room with the Bro. Elpidio Quirino and Bro.Miguel S. Cuaderno Sr. as principal speakers. The conference was a panel discussions among Bros. Bienvenido Y. Dizon, Jan H. Marsman, Manuel Rustia, and Salvador Araneta. There was an open forum presided by then Secretary of Commerce and Industry, Bro. Cornelio Balmaceda, and then dean of the UP CBA, Bro. Gil J. Puyat. There were other speakers, led by Bro. Delfin Buencamino, then RFC Governor, who was inducted as Associate Member just weeks earlier in the company of Dean Alberto Reyes, Prof. Conrado Sevilla and Nicanor Tomas. Towards the end of the day, excerpts of the speeches and discussions were broadcast over the radio.

The main activity for the second day was the reception and ball held at the Fiesta Pavilion. The traditional "Rigodon de Honor" led the dance, which was followed by surprise numbers contributed by three sororities.

Other memorable affairs during the Silver Jubilee were the testimonial dinners tendered in honor of Bros. Cornelio Balmaceda, Andres V. Castillo, Pablo Mabbun and Jose Ma. Espino who brought home more laurels for the Fraternity when they represented the county in various international conventions and conferences abroad.

The arrival of added honors was sustained through the next year with the election of Bro. Carlos P. Romulo as the President of the UN General Assembly in 1949. It should be noted that only two weeks back, he was tendered a testimonial banquet by the Pan Xenia for initiating the Southeast Asia Conference.

Furthermore, in 1949, Bro. Miguel Cuaderno Sr. was appointed Governor of the Central Bank, a government position that was to become an exclusive preserve for Pan Xenians: Bro. Andres V. Castillo, Bro. Alfonso Calalang, Bro. Gregorio S. Licaros, and Bro. Jaimes Laya. Then as now, several Pan Xenians serve in various capacities in the Central Bank.