About the Brotherhood

Over 100 years of All-Embracing Goodwill in the Philippines

The Pan Xenia Fraternity

A Legacy of Business Excellence

Raising the standards and ideals

Pan Xenia is an International Honorary Fraternity dedicated to the promotion of interests in foreign trade and the establishment of higher standards and ideals of business ethics.

The mother chapter was founded on May 7, 1919 at the University of Washington by Dr. Juan Anton De Haas. The Philippine Alpha Chapter was inaugurated in the University of the Philippines Diliman by Dr. Macy Skinner on September 23, 1923.

The charter members include: Francisco Santamaria Jr., Dominador Fargas, Dalton Chen, Antonio Aquino, Anselmo Trinidad, Juan D. Quintos, Manuel Rustia

The Four Cardinal Virtues

All the members of the Fraternity adhere to these virtues that define a Pan Xenian:

Honesty and Business Ethics


Caution and Courage

Appreciation of

Human Relationships